Discretionary Asset Management Services

We manage your portfolio independently, continuously and actively based on our agreement, your risk profile and the recommendations of the Investment Committee.

Personal situation

The starting point of any investment solution is your personal situation. We listen to your financial goals and your time horizon. In addition, we take into account your current portfolio and your willingness and capability to take measured risks.
Together we determine and propose an investment strategy with the right mix of investments.

Implementation and follow up

Once you have approved the investment strategy proposal, we draw up a contract stating your goals, specific requirements and risk profile. While considering the right timing, the assets are then invested based on the asset allocation and strategy. We invest globally in various asset classes.


We continuously monitor your portfolio and are always at your disposal for information. You will also receive a detailed report on a regular basis. In addition to this, the custodian bank offers online access to your account.
Thanks to this transparency, you know the composition of your portfolio at all times.

Custodian account

The account with the custodian bank is in your name and is segregated from the assets of the bank or Orbit.
We will have a mandate to act on this account on your behalf.

Our investment approach

Before any decision is taken, the process starts with our Investment Committee. The members of the Committee all have international experience in various financial sectors (fixed income, foreign exchange, equities, trading, etc.) whether for institutional investors or for major international private clients.

All members have faced different stages of the economy and know the financial markets. They follow markets daily and benefit from international research and analysis.
All these elements and the experience of the members of the Investment Committee result in a consensus on the current preferred allocation of the portfolios.

These asset allocation decisions are taken on the macro economic level as well as on the micro economic level.

We have a focus on prime quality individual equities in combination with some trackers (ETF’s) and a limited number of specialised active fund managers.

We analyze the actively managed funds thoroughly on their composition and their investment process. Thanks to our combined international expertise, we have access to funds and managers who share our values and who provide expertise which is complementary to ours.

Over time we will have a certain focus on specific areas or sectors, but keeping in mind the principle of portfolio diversification.
Within the area of risk averse investments, we select securities with a lower risk profile. The expected return is a function of the profile.

In all our decisions, we favour safety, liquidity, transparency and performance.

With clear benefits


Individual active management with a strong focus on spread and risk


Various risk profiles, aimed at preservation of economic value


Partners invest just like you


Transparent and bank independent


No house funds

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